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MyJam Radio was established in 2006 in Chicago, Illinois with the goal of providing music lovers with an alternative to the typical hits of our times. At MyJam Radio, we enjoy creating and offering a broad range of carefully selected programming that makes us the best and most diverse radio station in Chicago and around the world, simply put, WE HIT DIFFERENT!

Easy Listening

Our freeform Radio Station is proud to serve the Chicago area and the world with some of the most engaging radio content out there that you can listen to without repeated tracks to prevent burn-out.. We play a bigger variety of music. So don't expect to hear your favorite songs every 2 hours.

We Jam Throwbacks
To The Future

We jam today's music

and throwbacks

all the way back to the 60's

MyJam Radio Jammin' Today's Mainstream R&B, Throwbacks And More

We Listen To You

Your input matters, it helps to keep the music here on MyJam Radio fresh and nostalgic along with our new and old school library of songs.

We Jam Clean Radio Edits

For those that don't want to hear all those swear words in there favorite songs


Over 40 Years of Experience

Our service is to provide you with the best mainstream jams and more

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