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Recently I was just thinking back to my childhood living in Canton Mississippi. I listened to the radio every day because I loved music. WJMI, WKXI, WMGO and WOKJ were my stations of choice. There was only one problem and that was hearing the same songs every two hours. When I arrived in Chicago in 1975 I continue to do the same thing, listen to radio and still the same issue hearing the same songs every two hours. Mind you I never intended to get into radio, I wanted to be in electronic technician when I graduated high school. My life change when I attended college and met and associate (James Kelly) in the hallway of the campus that I knew from Skate City. When he showed me the campus radio station I was hooked. 40 years later a light went off in my head and I thought back to my childhood days and my love of music over the radio, how about creating a radio station that doesn't play the same song every two hours. What's even more is that I also know I had my own station (MyJam Radio) and decided to create a format that doesn't play the same songs every 2 hours. I also knew I had a huge library of music from different genres that I could balance out to prevent burnout from playing the same songs every two hours. 40 years later I see now that God set me up at this time in my life to project to the world a music format that others like myself can listen to and enjoy for hours without burnout. I thank God for turning that light on in my head to make me realize that with my passion for radio and my love of music and the way I process them both in incorporating music and radio together in a way that could change the world on how we listen to radio. I used to say back in the day when someone came out with the latest and greatest big thing, "why didn't I think of that." The next big thing is here and it is my company, my brand, my station, my name, MyJam Radio. Now in the Google Play and Apple app store, a brand new website and a new Alexa Skills app.

MyJam Radio Jammin' Today's Mainstream R&B, Throwbacks And More


I like the blend of Southern Soul Blues into the music, I don't get this in Chicago. I like the station. I listen on the app.


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