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We Believe In Transparency
Our mission is to create an adult rhythmic radio station with a bigger mix variety of the best of mainstream jams and more that are different and diverse from today to the 60's that we hope you will enjoy for hours without the burn-out from repeated tracks. Even though we will play your favorite songs, don't expect to hear them every 2 hours. Your input is important to help us make this station the best it can be. Reach out to us if you want us to add a song to the station that fits the format so we can truly jam-out together. What we don't know is what song will play next, what we do know is that whatever it is, it is going to be a jam. Simply put, MyJam Radio is designed for the old heads with young spirits and the young folks with old souls or anyone that enjoys listening to radio for hours without worrying about burnout from repeated songs.
That's what we do PERIOD!

One love from the MyJam Radio family

MyJam Radio Jammin' Today's Mainstream R&B, Throwbacks And More

Life is hard, and as a music radio station we tried to provide entertaining music to make life a little easier if we can.


We have a huge megaphone and we understand the power of opening up a microphone and how it impacts our listeners.



As radio personalities we are set to a higher standard. We are humans, perfectly flawed individuals. We are committed to conducting ourselves as professionals while being our own selves, and we at MyJam Radio will never justify nor tolerate bad behavior

Peace of Mind

Our goal is to provide the best entertainment possible. We only hope with the music that we provide, brings you our listeners some kind of peace and joy

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